The Team

DeLucaLabs is a group of friends united by a passion for technologies, particularly electronics and computer science, but more generally by the desire to work on projects together and share their knowledge with other team members.

In addition to working on projects for the lab and personal interests, the team is also involved in technical consulting activities and other projects with local businesses and professionals from Italy.

DeLucaLabs also collaborates with the main Makers groups in the province of Belluno, such as Klinkon Electronics and the FabLab Dolomiti association. The team participates in various innovative projects at national and international Maker Faires.

Core Team

Lorenzo De Luca

Founder & Hardware Specialist

Lorenzo is the founder and coordinator of the DeLucaLabs group. He also one of the founder and has been the president of the Belluno Fablab since 2019. He is a member of the executive board and the technical-scientific committee of the association, and he has led the laser team and the electronics department for several years. Lorenzo is a hardware designer with a passion for laboratory equipment and metrology. He is also interested in home automation using Home Assistant, electronic and audio equipment repair, and horology. He plays the clarinet in a local Band.

Leonardo Marcato

Integration Specialist

Passionate about electronics and computer science. At DeLucaLabs, he deals with both software and hardware, and the integration of the two fields. Additionally, he plays the electric guitar in a local band.

Giosuè Iaccarino

Software Specialist

Computer science student with a passion for electronics, servers, and the entire world of self-hosting. Develops full-stack services for various platforms.

Leonardo Mazzorana

Cyber Security & Electronic Specialist

Electronics student interested in cybersecurity, selfhosting and 3D printing. Firmware developer for “Servizio Meteo Autonomo Sovramontino”, participant and finalist of the Cyberchallenge 2023 project, CTF player in the Venetian team "bhackari".

Samuele Del Ponte

Media & Graphics Specialist

Computer science student and videomaker since 2020, who has recently delved into the world of drones, especially FPV (First-Person View) drones. Possesses advanced skills in videography and photography, which make them well-prepared to adapt to any situation.

Alberto Da Rold

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer with a passion for space exploration and robotics, with solid skills in 3D modeling, AI, and programming is now deepening his knowledge of electronics. Member of the Fablab Belluno since the origins, with his friends of Polispace he built a prototype of a satellite sun sensor together with a calibrator. Founder of Always learning.

Extended team

Simone Klinkon

Maker and electronic engineering student with a passion for 3D printing, meteorology and simracing. Founder of Help3DItalia and KlinkonElectronics, and mainteiner of several projects such as the Autonomous Weather Service of Sovramontino, he design and provide consulting for electronic systems and 3D design.


PhD researcher at Newcastle University, focuses on novel prosthetic muscle sensing techniques. In his spare time, he is passionate about printed circuit board design and churns out projects of various kinds, including control boards for the SMAS system. He can do SMT soldering - yes, even 0201 - without any problems and claims to have decades of experience with FFF 3D printers - we believe him - which he still uses almost daily to enrich his activities.

Filippo Castellan

Maker and electronic engineering student with a passion for embedded systems, the RC world and small CNC machines. He is developing a series of boards as an alternative to Arduino that mount STM32 microcontrollers called Floppy Boards. He provides consultancy and makes prototypes for LED lamps.