Our services

DeLucaLabs provides a range of electronic consulting services and audio/video recordings for businesses and professionals.

In particular, our areas of expertise include the synchronization of equipment (such as video cameras) with timing signals, and the creation of NTP or PTP servers with GPS synchronization, including backup and anti-jamming features, using rubidium or caesium atomic clocks. We have a testing setup with two GPS-disciplined atomic clocks and a state-of-the-art electronic testing laboratory. The activities we carry out include custom PCB design, development of both testing and final firmware and software, as well as the creation of both traditional and IoT device management websites. We also provide 3D printing services and mechanical modeling, along with maintenance for 3D printers, in collaboration with other laboratories in the area. We possess a professional drone for video recording in even populated areas (weighing less than 250g) and can conduct video shoots of events and landscapes, or perform building scans using photogrammetry techniques. We are also available for live video streaming services on online platforms (such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.) for events like weddings or conferences. We have been providing these services since 2020, starting with supporting a local parish in live-streaming Sunday Function, and continuing today with enhanced capabilities for various public and private events (such as conferences and weddings). In addition to live streaming, we also have expertise in managing lights and sounds for theatrical and musical performances. Specifically, we have experience in designing DMX signal-based automations for lights and effects.